Samsung INR21700-30T 35A 3000mAh 21700 high power cell for e-bike e-scooter

Samsung INR21700-30T 35A 3000mAh 21700 high power cell for e-bike e-scooter

Model No.︰INR21700-30T

Brand Name︰Samsung

Country of Origin︰Korea

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description

Official specifications:

Standard discharge capacity: min. 3000mAh (1.5A charge 0.1A cut-off, 0.6A discharge, 2.5V cut-off)

Rated discharge capacity: min. 2650mAh (4A charge 0.1A cut-off, 10A discharge, 2.5V cut-off)

Nominal voltage: 3.6V

Charge voltage: 4.2V

Standard charge: 1.5A charge 0.1A cut-off

Rated charge: 4A charge 0.1A cut-off

Max. continuous discharge: 35A at 25°C

Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V

Cycle life: 250 cycles to 60% at 35A discharge.

Cell weight: 70.0g max

Cell dimension: Height: Max: 70.40mm, Diameter: max. 21.22mm

Operating temperature (surface): Charge 0°C ~ 50°C (Recommended <45°C),

Discharge -20C° ~ 80°C (Recommended <60°C)

Storage temperature: 1 month: -20°C ~ 60°C, 3 months: -20°C ~ 45°C, 1 year: -20°C ~ 25°C




1. Solar Lamp/Light battery: Integrated/split type solar street light, solar garden/peach light, solar lawn/apple lamp

2. Smart home/Intelligent housing battery: Sweeper, vacuum cleaner, electric curtain, electric toothbrush, heating blanket/suit 
3. Medical equipment battery: electronic thermometer, ecg monitoring instrument, B ultrasound machine 
4. Electric tool battery: electric drill, electric screwdriver, electric wrench, electric lawn mower, electric sprayer, electric scissors
5. Electric vehicles battery: E-bike, electric wheelchair, electric toy car, model airplane, vehicles monitoring, vehicles entertainment system 
6. Consumer lithium battery: POS machine, smart watches, microphone, learning machine, Christian reading machine, reading pen, recording pen, the old players, speakers, razors
7. Energy storage battery: electric vehicle tool car , industrial equipment, outdoor portable power supply, ground alarm, fault indicator, power system, UPS 



·         High Capacity and Stable Discharge Voltage

·         Light weight, small size and high performance

·         Small internal resistance

·         Outstanding Discharge properties and Storage Capacity

·         Pollution free, long cycle life

·         No memory effects

·         Existing stock for short delivery time.

·         Factory price, high quality



·         We totally understand the price is crucial to a wholesaler, so we will do our best to maximize your profits.

·         We won’t ensure you our price is lowest but we ensure you what you paid is the price for authentic rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

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Application: E-bike, E-scooter, EV (Electric Vehicle), Garden Tool, Vacuum Cleaner, ESS(Energy Storage System), UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply).
Please notice that this cell is not for sale.
Cells can not be single used outside battery packs without PCM.  

EVVA is capable of assembling different battery packs by combining these high-end battery cells and self-developed BMS based on our professional rich skills.
OEM orders are available

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